COVID-19 Announcement from ARtscapes

Dear Friends,

This is truly an unprecedented moment in our history. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed our day-to-day lives & altered our routines so dramatically, it may seem like the world's turned upside down. By week two or three of social distancing and self-quarantine, the isolation may seem maddening. But remember: This, too, shall pass. And once it has, we'll have grown wiser, more patient, and more able to appreciate the small things that make life worthwhile. And we will have done it together.
Years from now, when we look back at 2020, we will remember that art and entertainment provided a welcome escape from reality.
You'll remember turning on your TV, carefully selecting a movie, and for a couple of hours, being a whole world away from your troubles. You'll remember putting on your headphones, closing your eyes, and letting your imagination wash over you while listening to a beloved musician's work. You'll remember gazing at a piece of art you have hung on your wall, really studying it, admiring details of it you'd never noticed before.

Rather than remembering the uncertainty and fear, you might remember learning to SEE life in a new way!

To brighten your day, we wanted to share a very special
AR treat for you to enjoy right now, at home!
Just download the FREE ARtscapes app & scan
the image below for a breathtaking surprise.  🦋 
(Feel free to print & scan as well)

Download the ARtscapes app 

While we have temporarily halted a majority of our live market sales & large art shows, ARtscapes is still very much up and running. We believe in the power of art and the joy it brings, and we want to continue sharing that joy with our customers, far and wide.

We are now selling extremely affordable archival-quality matted prints of our augmented reality art in our online shop! These prints were previously only available at live events, retailers, and galleries.

Be sure to snag a few while you can! And stay tuned for several other major announcements coming in the following days!

Stay Safe - Stay Inspired,
Your friends at Artscapes