Profit From  Augmented
Reality Art

for just $495

previously $595

  • ✓ Everything you need to make money selling Artscapes products 
  • ✓ Over $1,700 in start up inventory (included at no additional cost)
  • ✓ 100-300% Profit on most items, personalized links,  volume discounts & much more

Be a part of the magic by becoming an Artscapes Partner! You'll market and sell award-winning world renowned Augmented Reality Art, all from the comfort of your home or existing storefront. 

Why join Artscapes Partner+?

Being an Artscapes Partner+ means you'll enjoy the flexibility, fun, and financial reward of running your own small business, without ever leaving the house.
All while enjoying the perks of being #whereartlives

Operate your business from home or add these products to your existing business.

We give you everything you need to market our Augmented Reality Art using just your computer or mobile device. Live demos work best so beyond the obvious friends and family, the opportunities are plentiful:

* Art/Flea Markets
* Seasonal Events
* Local Gift Stores
* Galleries
* School Fundraisers
* Church/ School Fairs
* Small Storefronts
* Pop Up Events
* Mall Kiosks
* Night Clubs

Online opportunities include Facebook, Instagram, Zoom and even FaceTime to conduct virtual art shows with one or more customers. Share decorating tips, walk people through how to use the Artscapes AR app, and suggest artwork that will match their tastes. Even create your own ideas like art gallery exhibits, build your own landing pages, or demonstration videos. Creativity is your friend and ours.

Discounts. Discounts, and even more discounts.

Product research? Gifts? Promotions? We've got you covered. As a partner you not only get large discounts on your own purchases, but you also get discounts you can share with your friends, family, customers, and audience. This allows you to purchase and resell our artwork for even greater earnings. or simply share the discount codes to help promote your sales and generate commissions. You also gain access to our branded merchandise too, for extra representation.

Turn our unique "living" art into a regular and recurring income

Your profit potential is unlimited. This is not a multi level marketing program, thtere's no recruiting needed to turn this side hustle into a full time profit maker. Quite simply you are getting these fully assembled products directly from us at deeply discounted wholesale prices and selling in your area or online for 100-300% profits. On canvases sold, there are many options and best of all, we drop ship these to your customer for you. The smaller prints you will keep on hand for immediate transactions.
Prints - Your cost averages $10-15 each, sell for $35-$40 ea. , that's a whopping 200-300% profit. 
Canvases - Regular size - your cost is $149, sell for $299, your profit $150 and we ship direct to customer. 

Earn more with our exclusive bulk purchasing tool

Despite how rewarding our profit system is, many of our partners have exceptional hunger for success and desired the freedom to purchase in larger quantities to increase their profits. The bulk purchasing tool available only to partners provides you whole sale prices, so that you can resell our Augmented Reality Art on your own website, store front, or directly to a customer with large margins of profit. This allows our partners to continue to greater heights with our products, and achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations. We can't wait to see the success your business becomes.

Partner+ Program Exclusive Features

Unbelievable value with our curated Dealer Kits

On our password protected Partner+ exclusive dealer page, you'll find a selection of our best selling curated kits, that include a combination of products, merchandise, and more at an unbelievable marked down price. Nobody has access to these kits other than our Partner+ members. The purpose of these kits is to use our existing experience and knowledge to put together a selection of items that we know are easy sells and make great profits for our Partner+ members. These curated Dealer Kits are often updated with additional value based on the data we receive from sales and input from our partners.

Be part of our family, look like you're part of our family

Needless to say, but we are proud that our signature AR brand Artscapes has become synonymous with Augmented Reality Art. As a Partner+ Member you'll be a full fledged member of our team and a valuable asset to our company. In correlation we want you to also look the part. This means of course, Artscapes branded apparel, business cards, personalized partner page directly on our website, among other representation to confirm your value to our establishment.

Partner+ members enjoy free products and more

As an added benefit to being a Partner+ member you'll be regularly given extra opportunities for additional rewards for your success. These can be anything from additional bonus commissions, exclusive apparel, special additional discounts, free Artscapes product, or even tickets to a festival and more. These additional rewards will be announced to our members, and recipients will be acknowledged publicly for their excellence. 

Over $1,700 in product included with your Partner+ Program (at no additional cost)

Our Partners Are Amazing People With An Eye On Success

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Included in the Partner+ Program

  • Everything you need to begin selling Artscapes Amazing AR Art
  • All of the standard Affiliate & Partner Program features included
  • Special Commission Rates, Branded Merchandise & Deeply Discounted Inventory Packages
  • An  $1,700 inventory  :                             
    2 each of our most popular 20 AR Matted Art Prints for a total of 40 prints ($1,200 value), 1 -24x24" Butterfly Lady canvas ($299 value)
  • Access to our Marketing Asset Library & Live Support
  • Affiliate Link, Tracked Promo Code, & QR Code
  • Artscapes T-Shirt, AR Business Cards, & more
  • Bulk purchasing tool with wholesale pricing
  • Partner Handbook (Marketing, Sales & Operations)
  • Heavily Discounted Start Up Bundles
  • And more...

*canvas selection may vary

ROI - Your Investment Returned After Sales of Only 15 Prints

Launch your AR art business today for just


previously $795


No experience necessary

  • An over $1,700 inventory included : 2 Each of our most popular AR Matted Art Prints for a total of 40 prints ($1,400 value), 1 -24x24" Canvas ($299 value)
  • Promo Discount Code
  • QR Code
  • Asset Library
  • Incentivized Commissions
  • Bulk Discount
  • Deep Discounts On Start Up Inventory Bundles
  • Branded Merchandise
  • Additional Commissions
  • Live Support
  • Artscapes T-shirt
  • AR Samples
  • 100 Artscapes AR Marketing Cards
  • A Personalized Affiliate Link and Dashboard for Online Sales
  • Partner Handbook (Marketing, Sales & Operations)

ROI - Your Investment Returned After Sales of Only 15 Prints

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