Earn $10,000+/Month as an ARtscapes Partner

Unlock a Preview: Complimentary Sample of Augmented Reality Art for Prospective Partners!

How It Works. (Like Magic)

  1. Download the free ARtscapes app on your iOS or Android phone

  2. Open the camera app on your phone and scan the ARtscapes art

  3. Experience the 3D magic of augmented reality right before your eyes

Why Become an ARtscapes Partner?

Profitable Business, Full-Time or Part-Time

Dive into a business that's not just financially rewarding, but also enjoyable and creative. Whether you're looking for a significant income stream or a lucrative hobby, this program fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering flexibility and fun in the world of augmented reality art.

Exclusive Territory: Limited Distributor Slots Available

ARtscapes values the success of each partner, which is why we limit the number of distributors in each area. This ensures less competition and more opportunity for you. Dealers are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, making each slot a coveted opportunity.

Toothbrush product

Exceptional Profit Margins on Every Sale

Partners enjoy significantly reduced wholesale prices on AR prints and canvases, enabling them to earn substantial profits per item sold. The program is structured to ensure a lucrative return on investment, with potential to scale your business up to $25K-$75K+ per year!

Easy as 1-2-3

Start-up takes less than 30 minutes.  ARtscapes provides extensive support to its partners, including marketing materials, sales strategies, and an in-depth Partner Handbook. This support ensures that even those new to art sales or AR technology can quickly become proficient and effective in marketing and selling these unique products.

"Joining ARtscapes was a low-risk, high-reward decision for me. The reasonable startup cost and impressive profit margins have quickly helped me achieve my financial goals. Introducing people to AR art is not just profitable but also incredibly satisfying, thanks to the excellent dealer support.”

— Tim Davidson